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Anna Lozhkina


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Hello, I am Anna, your Photographer!

I am a Fine Art portrait photographer based in Bellevue, WA. My passion to photography  was a conscious choice of my adulthood. Art and painting - that's what brought me to this path and that's what continue to help me grow in photography. My camera is only a device to capture something I already caught with my eyes. And picture starts before I push the button. 

My cozy studio is conveniently located in heart of Bellevue, WA. Great natural light and a wide variety of equipment allow me to tailor the photoshoot to perfectly align with your desired aesthetic. 


What Clients Are Saying

Anna is the best photographer I have ever known. She is highly professional, reliable, patient and always full of ideas! If you are struggling with general idea of photoshoot, clothing, posing, you name it, don’t worry - Anna will help you with everything and suggest what to do and how. 


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